Academic Studio



For forty years, the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), Louisiana’s arts conservatory for high school students, has been on the pioneering edge of education innovation – inspiring leaders for the cultural and creative economies of Louisiana, the nation and the world.   In its second year as a full-day, diploma-granting college preparatory high school, NOCCA’s Academic Studio applies the same principles of learning by doing to its 21st century academic program.

Bringing its success at preparing artists – graduates include Wynton Marsalis, Wendell Pierce, Harry Connick and many others – to the work of developing intellectuals, the Academic Studio uses the same master-apprentice approach that sits at the heart of NOCCA’s arts training program.

The habits of mind and habits of work our aspiring artists and intellectuals develop in the Academic Studio and at NOCCA will make them 21st century artists with something important to say.

Academic Studio development and the renovation of the Chevron Forum at NOCCA has been graciously supported in part by: MCC Real Estate, Chevron, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, Goldring and Woldenberg Family Foundations, Solomon Family, Trafigura Foundation, RosaMary Foundation, Coypu Foundation Trust, Zemurray Foundation, Edward G. Schlieder Foundation, Ella West Freeman Family Foundation, Hearst Foundations, Selley Foundation, Joyce L. Schenewerk, Libby-Dufour Fund, Ruth U. Fertel Foundation and Gustaf W. McIlhenny Family Foundation.