Students in the Academic Studio take three primary academic courses each year: Integrated Humanities, Integrated Sciences and Languages.

Integrated Humanities and Integrated Sciences are taught in a project-based, hands-on fashion with two teachers.  Student-teacher ratios are no more than 17:1 in our extended block classes – providing critical time to explore topics in the depth and breadth they deserve.  Students are issued a laptop at the beginning of the school year, and this serves as their primary textbook and medium for completing and receiving feedback on schoolwork.

With support from domain partners – university faculty and accomplished educators from around the country, we are developing an innovative four-year course sequence in the humanities and sciences.

NOCCA’s Academic Studio offers – unprecedented for a small high school – four languages including French, Latin, Mandarin and Spanish at eight different levels.  Our online approach to early language instruction allows students to move as fast as they can or as slow as they need to in order to master the basic skills of a second (or third language).  This virtual model also allows students the flexibility to complete language at home or after school hours in order to participate in rehearsals or receive extra arts instruction.  Recognizing that students may enter with some second language experience already, we are also able to enroll students at the level best suited for their current ability.

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