Through the study of the Integrated Humanities at NOCCA’s Academic Studio, students explore what it means to be human through critical, collaborative, and interdisciplinary inquiry. Within this supportive environment, students develop independent voices to grow as artist-intellectuals who creatively engage the complexity and interconnectedness of human existence.
NOCCA’s Integrated Humanities curriculum consists of four interdisciplinary year-long courses that are chronologically-framed: 9th Grade Integrated Humanities 1 (from the Big Bang to 1300 CE); 10th Grade Integrated Humanities 2 (1300-1700 CE); 11th Grade Integrated Humanities 3 (1700-1900 CE); and 12th Grade Integrated Humanities 4 (1900-Present). Across this chronology, students explore case studies that incorporate literature, arts, primary and secondary historical documents, and socio-political theory, allowing students to critically and comparatively engage what it has meant to be human across time and space.