Integrated Sciences


Integrated Sciences provides a comprehensive education in sciences and mathematics through interdisciplinary, project-based learning that emphasizes creativity, observation, and critical thinking. Courses integrate topics including algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, physics, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, computer programming, and engineering. Instruction focuses on the observation-based reasoning provided by math and science, emphasizing the importance of creativity in logical thinking. Students precisely collect, analyze, and communicate real-world data using technology as professional tools. NOCCA faculty are specialists in their field and bring real life experiences to everyday learning.  Integrated Sciences’ goal is to foster scientific literacy and mathematical competence among creative artistic-intellectuals, preparing them for success in any field.   

NOCCA’s Integrated Sciences curriculum consists of four interdisciplinary year-long courses: 9th grade Integrated Sciences I (Physics & Algebra I Focus), 10th Integrated Sciences II (Biology & Geometry Focus), 11th Integrated Sciences III (Environmental Science & Algebra II Focus), and 12th Integrated Sciences IV (Bioengineering and Calculus Focus). While each course has a main focus, topics are not compartmentalized but instead spiraled throughout all four years.  Furthermore, topics emphasize historical context and connection to humanities and arts, preparing students for college and post-secondary success.