Frequently Asked Questions

What is a normal day like in the Academic Studio?

In addition to focused academic learning in the morning and intensive three-hour arts-training in the afternoon, students have a two and one-half hour block in the afternoon for supported work and world language. During this time, students work with faculty, individually or on group projects in order to expand upon that which is not understood, move to the next level, or dive more deeply into subjects that interest them.


What is the instruction like?

Instruction begins with hands-on exploration.  Classes revolve around small-group learning led by educators whose passion for their given subject matches their students’ passion for art.  Faculty place the highest value on students’ ability to ask good questions, to reflect on what is important, and to develop critical thinking, reading and writing skills.  In essence, each student has not only an arts mentor, but also an academic mentor, who guides the student’s learning experience.


Will my student receive a Louisiana high school degree?

Yes, the BESE Board has approved the Louisiana Core 4 equivalent courses for all four years for the Academic Studio’s Integrated Math, Science, English and Social Studies I – IV courses. Graduates will receive a high school degree from the State of Louisiana.


Is the degree TOPS-eligible?

Yes, the program is designed to be fully TOPS-eligible.


How do I enroll my student?

To enroll in the Academic Studio, prospective students must successfully complete an arts audition and be accepted into a Level I program in one of NOCCA’s eleven arts disciplines. Because NOCCA expects more students to apply for the Academic Studio than there are spots available, qualified participants will be selected by lottery. The Academic Studio only accepts rising 9th grade students (students currently in 8th grade). NOCCA will add subsequent grades each year through 2014.