Prospective Families


NOCCA’s Academic Studio combines a rigorous, college- and TOPS-preparatory academic curriculum in an environment that continues developing your child’s artistic talents.

Students are admitted by arts audition – without any regard for past academic performance.  In other words, our students in the Academic Studio have a range of reading and math levels when they enter, though a common goal for their graduation: TOPS qualification and college matriculation.

Several mechanisms exist to provide academic support to students who need it.  Students who enter with gaps in reading and math are assigned small group instruction from the beginning of the year, and sophomores and beyond receive extra support during office hours and through other mechanisms that ensure their success.  A full range of special education/student support services are available for those students who qualify and are admitted by audition to an arts discipline.

Though each discipline has various fees required to participate, as does the Academic Studio, financial assistance is available through The NOCCA Institute which commits to making sure every qualified student is able to attend NOCCA without regard to ability to pay.

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