Classical Instrumental


Juilliard Day at NOCCA 3-10-14 ccc_7793

The Classical Instrumental program offers extensive training to intermediate and advanced instrumental students in Piano, Winds, and Strings. Instruction will focus on areas such as exploration of standard repertoire, chamber music, theory, musicianship (sight reading and ear training) as well as scales, etude, and accompaniment.

Audition Expectations: Students will need to prepare to perform two *contrasting pieces from memory such as a movement of a sonata, sonatina, concerto, etude, and demonstrate skills in major/minor scales and sight reading music.

“Contrasting” refers to two different time periods (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, Contemporary). In order to show different types of skills (technical/musical etc.), students may choose one of the pieces to be fast and the other slow, but that is not a requirement and it is not always meant with “contrasting.” One cannot play two pieces by the same composer and two movements of the same piece.

Students currently in 6-11th grades are eligible to apply.


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