Creative Writing & Jazz Collaboration @ Music Box Village

photos by: Jason Kruppa 

Site-Specific Pieces Created Live at Music Box Village

Part of the NOCCA DNA: Collaboration & Ensemble Work. Thanks to Music Box Village, New Orleans’ own sound art installation and performance venue, provided NOCCA Creative Writing, led by faculty Andy Young, and Jazz students, led by faculty Micahel Rihner, the unique chance to performed site-specific pieces inspired by the environment and musical houses at the village. During the field trip the Creative Writing Department then stayed on and interacted with the houses.¬†

“I think the photos show a glimpse of the brilliance the students expressed,” stated Poetry Instructor and field trip coordinator Andy Young. “What I’d most hoped for, and which they delivered, was for each piece to be completely distinct, in their unique voices, reflecting their own individuality and those of the houses.”


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