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NOCCA Academic Studio Full-Day School Continues Letter Grade “A” From Louisiana Department of Education

 NOCCA is proud to share the news from the State Department of Education: NOCCA has received the classification of “A” for its innovative Academic Studio full-day academic program for the fourth year in a row, maintaining its “A” status since the inception of the program.

President|CEO Kyle Wedberg stated, “NOCCA is honored to be ranked as one of the top schools in the State of Louisiana and the number three high school located in New Orleans. We want even greater things for our students than can be measured in a single letter, but this is a very positive public marker of the work of our students along a path laid out and curated by our faculty.  NOCCA accepts students on their artistic skill set and potential to achieve through an arts audition. There are no additional academic admission tests.”

About NOCCA’s Academic Studio Full-Day School

The Academic Studio is NOCCA’s full-day, diploma-granting high school preparing students admitted by arts audition, but without regard to current or past academic achievement, for successful careers as leaders in the arts.  The instructional model is inspired by the arts and emphasizes collaboration, project-based learning, inquiry and critical thinking.  NOCCA accepts students to its full-day school Academic Studio solely through the arts audition.

In addition to the credits students earn in their respective arts disciplines, students in the Academic Studio take two double-block academic courses per year: Integrated Humanities I-IV and Integrated Sciences I-IV.  Students also earn two credits of a language and other required electives including health and physical education – as required for high school graduation and TOPS eligibility.

The nature of the courses combine the study of english and history and math and science so that students are actually earning credits in the respective subjects but doing so in an integrated, team-taught environment. Students read literature, examine visual culture, study the arts, look at primary documents, and read social and political theory that is historically or thematically within a field of study at any given time, so that students’ encounters with the arts, governments, economies, religions, social life, and cultural production are contextualized. 

NOCCA is currently looking for new students for its various attendance options including full-day and ½ day.  The deadline to apply is Friday, January 19, 2018. The online application can be found at NOCCA’s website,


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