NOCCA Alums featured on “The Voice”

If “The Voice” prefers that contestants supply tears along with talent, New Orleans’ Alexis Marceaux obliged. Her performance of “Go Your Own Way” on the NBC talent show Monday was prefaced by a get-to-know-you segment featuring home movies of her family’s Hurricane Katrina-devastated Chalmette home.

The segment gave her a compelling back story, always an advantage on reality TV. But sharing such personal footage with the nation wasn’t a choice she made lightly.

“Whether to submit it to the show was a hard decision for me and my parents,” Marceaux said this week. “But it’s part of our lives. No matter how many years pass, it’s part of who I am. I wanted the world to know that, and to know how music helped me through all that.”


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Photo by Zack Smith

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