Riverview Gallery Reception | In Honor & Memory of Demontris Toliver


NOCCA Honors Family Member With Gallery Reception

In memory of Demontris Toliver

NOCCA Riverview Gallery | April 27, 6-8 PM

2800 Chartres Street | New Orleans

The family of Demontris Toliver is still searching for closure.

Demontris Toliver was tragically murdered while visiting New Orleans over the 2016 Thanksgiving weekend. Demontris was visiting the city and celebrating his birthday in the French Quarter. Many felt that he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but for the extended NOCCA Family, this cannot be how this young artist’s life ends.

A graduate of O. Perry Walker, who excelled in gifted arts, Toliver worked hard to bring a positive voice to his chosen skills through tattoo and other forms of expression of self.    

NOCCA invites the public to view some works from Toliver’s high school years. NOCCA is encouraging visitors celebrating Toliver to support the family directly, as they still are working on providing their son with a proper final resting place.

“Far too often we come together to keen at the loss of those younger and more full of possibility than ourselves,” stated NOCCA President | CEO Kyle Wedberg. “My thoughts and prayers, and those of the NOCCA Community, still go out to the family of Demontris Toliver. We here at NOCCA are honored and proud to provide a gallery space for this incredible young man.”

The public is invited to meet and support the Toliver Family at a special memorial exhibit at NOCCA Riverview Gallery, Thursday-April 27, 6-8 PM, 2800 Chartres Street, New Orleans. 

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