Students currently in 8th-11th grades may apply.

The Drama Division seeks to instill in students a love and respect for theatre as art while developing internal and external resources, exploring creative potential, investigating the social and historical context of art, and expanding critical acumen. To achieve the development of artistry in the student-actor, background skills and a strong foundation in the student's resources become the primary focus in training. Those resources are: the voice, the body, the literary background, the creative imagination. Extensive work in class serves to exercise and enhance these resources. Daily practice is essential to artistic and professional growth both individually and in ensemble. Observation and constructive critique become part of each class and are offered to support the development of skills and to give the student discernment in the practice of his/her art.

Include with your completed application:
A written or typed resume or list of your training and experiences in performance/acting.

At the audition:

    • You will be asked to participate in exercises that will require some movement. Try to find a space by your computer where you will have a little room to move around in and wear clothes and shoes that you can move in easily.
    • Perform a memorized monologue selection provided by the Theatre Department (see below for the list of acceptable choices/NO ORIGINAL SPEECHES OR POEMS) and be familiar with the play from which the monologue was taken.
    • Respond spontaneously in directed improvisational exercises.
    • We may show a clip of a play during the audition and ask you to discuss the clip with the group.
    • You may be asked to participate in an individual interview if the faculty needs further clarification concerning your application to NOCCA.

2022 Drama High School list of Monologues 


Photo of Natsumi Sugiyama

Natsumi Sugiyama

Movement Faculty: Suzuki Drama: Movement


Originally from Japan, Natsumi Sugiyama has been a member of the Shizuoka Performing Art Center (SPAC) under the leadership of renowned director Tadashi Suzuki. There, she performed in “Kachikachiyama”, “Ivanov”, “Cinderella” and more. After her involvement with SPAC, she joined famous Tokyo based Theatre Company Ku na’uka lead by artistic director Satoshi Miyagi, and performed many leads such as Narukami in the play of the same name, Desdemona, Helen of Troy, and Electra to name a few.
She has also performed internationally in various highly prestigious theatre festivals such as The Theatre Olympics in Delphi Greece, The Beseto Festival in Neiha China, The Nikan Festival in Seoul South Korea, The International Theatre Festival of New Delhi India, The Boco Theater Festival in Indonesia, and The Tokyo International Festival in Japan to name a few.
She has performed her one-woman show “The Tale of Mephisto” at the Asian Performing Art Festival in Gimhae, South Korea. She recently was the lead in the film “Medea Redux” based on her one-woman show “Medea”.

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