Creative Writing

In the Creative Writing Department, students study novels, short fiction, poems, drama, nonfiction and films. They discuss and analyze texts, then apply that knowledge to their own writing. Students write almost every day and are given exercises that encourage both imaginative and technically skilled work. During class and the more structured workshop sessions, they receive feedback from peers, instructors and visiting artists toward revision of their work. Grounded in the belief that the qualities of good writing remain consistent regardless of literary form, faculty teach all aspects of the curriculum. They also rotate instruction among all of the classes so that students have the benefit of receiving a variety of approaches, while instructors remain involved with all of the students in the department.

Audition Expectations: Because of the academic nature of the Creative Writing program, successful students usually have high reading scores on standardized tests (85 percent or above), high grade-point averages (3.0 or above), and demonstrate superior reading comprehension. As part of their application, auditioning students are expected to present an original work of creative writing (poem or short story), a list of books read over the past three months, a  creative work (poem or short story) that describes what you see outside a window in your house, and an essay discussing a poem, short story or novel you read that influenced you as a writer.  Students invited to audition must bring an additional writing portfolio consisting of 10 pages of original creative writing (poetry or short fiction).

Students currently in 8-11th grades are eligible to apply.

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