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The Musical Theatre Department  is designed to provide comprehensive training for the musical theatre actor. Courses in acting, music and dance form the basis of the program, along with performance opportunities that are specifically designed to synthesize these disciplines into one cohesive experience. During their course of study, students learn vocal technique for speech and song, dance, acting, music theory, and technical theatre. The demands placed on the student are rigorous because the goal of the program is simple: to prepare students to compete on the national level for entrance to post-secondary training programs in Musical Theatre. In order to attain this goal, the student must clearly demonstrate potential for achievement as a singer-actor-dancer.

Audition Expectations: Classes in the Musical Theatre Department are in three aspects: Acting, Singing, and Dance.  The audition covers all three of these disciplines.

ACTING: Perform 1 side of your choosing from this downloadable list. An Audition Reader will be present to read your scene partner’s lines. While being off-book/having the material memorized is not required, it is strongly suggested that you have a firm understanding of the text and of the world of the play. Choose a character which corresponds to the gender to which you identify. In addition to performing the side at the audition, applicants should be prepared to discuss the play, the character they chose, and the context of the side.

DANCE: Students participate in movement and improvisational  dance exercises. You should come prepared in comfortable clothes that you can move in. (NO JEANS).

SINGING: All students must also perform one memorized song (a musical theatre standard of your choice). Bring sheet music, in your key (meaning: the melody is comfortable in your voice, not too high or low to sing.) Be sure that the sheet music has a piano part, as there will be an accompanist provided at the audition. You will not be allowed to sing with a recording or a capella. Be prepared to summarize both the story of the musical from which the song is taken and the situation of the character singing the song. There will also be a short vocal warm-up with ear-training exercises during the audition.

Students currently in 8-11th grades are eligible to apply.

Audition Tips

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