Musical Theatre

Students currently in 8-11th grades may apply. 

In the Musical Theatre Department, classes begin with fundamental techniques for dancing, acting, and music; advanced technique is built on the foundation of the basics. The curriculum is process-, rather than product-, driven…meaning that continual practice and progress is emphasized instead of an artificial end result. The students develop and strengthen their technical skills as the faculty nurtures their intellect, curiosity, creativity, and passion – traits of a dedicated theatre artist. Our goal is to equip students for auditions to Musical Theatre programs in colleges and universities, and to prepare them for the rigors of a professional career.

Include with your completed application:

    • A list or resume with the applicants’ background in Musical Theatre training and productions. Please include, if applicable, dance classes, voice lessons, and acting workshops, as well as their most significant performance experiences.
    • A photograph of the applicant.  It may be an informal picture or a professional headshot; please make sure the photo is current, clear, and an accurate likeness of the applicant.

At the audition: The Musical Theatre Audition consists of three elements-Acting, Music, and Dance.

EITHER upload OR prepare to perform at audition one piece of work for each element below

The ACTING element: Choose one (1) of the characters and prepare the text from the list below.   You may choose any character; you are not bound by gender, ethnicity, or age.  Perform the character’s entire text as it is given. Prepare by reading and familiarizing yourself with the character and situation – research the context of the scene and anything in the text that is unfamiliar.  Each character is from a particular time and place; you do not have to perform with an accent or dialect, though you should be familiar with the overall style (particularly in the texts from OKLAHOMA!). You may hold a page with the text and refer to it while you perform, though you should be memorized enough to look up and speak clearly.  Please do not read directly off the page. IMPORTANT: who is the character talking to?  There are context clues in the text.  As you prepare, have a clear picture in your mind of who the other person is. Perform the text three times, once with each of the following prompts (or goals, tactics).  Picture the person you are speaking to, and:

first time:          confront them.
second time:    charm them.
third time:        console them.

The text may make more sense with one tactic over another… do your best to fully invest in each. You may submit a pre-recorded video of your performance, or you may perform it live in the audition call. If you film, please submit as one file, either filmed continuously or filmed separately and edited into one contiguous video. If you perform live, be prepared to respond to direction in the moment. Please be prepared to discuss your preparation and research in the interview segment of the audition. (The text is taken from the original scripts and edited for length and clarity)

Musical Theatre Acting Audition Text

The MUSIC element: The applicant may choose to sing “Over the Rainbow” using the accompaniment and sheet music provided in the links below.  Or the applicant may sing any song of their choice and must provide their own accompaniment.  (Piano accompaniment tracks are best, but any karaoke track is acceptable as long as there are no vocals on the track.  Please do not sing a capella, or unaccompanied.)

Over the Rainbow High Accompaniment

Over the Rainbow High Melody Only

Over the Rainbow Low Accompaniment

Over the Rainbow Low Melody Only

Over the Rainbow Medium Accompaniment

Over the Rainbow Medium Melody Only

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Sheet Music

The DANCE element:  In the Musical Theatre Department, we have classes in dance technique in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz.  However, for the audition, all we are asking is to demonstrate your ability to move with expression, follow directions, and be creative with your story telling.  Instructions:

Think of a simple task or chore that involves movement, such as sweeping the floor or washing the dishes.  Perform that task as if you were on stage without set or props, with exaggerated movement, for 30 – 45 seconds.  The movement may be to your comfort level: if you have dance training, you may treat it as choreography, or you may approach it as a simple series of gestures.  Either way, it should be clear what task you have chosen to perform. Before you video yourself (or perform it live in the virtual audition), practice the movements so that you have a consistent approach, as you will perform the movements three times, with these prompts:

First time: perform as if it is your MOST favorite activity
Second time: perform as if it is your LEAST favorite activity.
Third time: perform as if this is the last task you must complete before going on a really terrific vacation.

You may submit a pre-recorded video of your performance, or you may perform it live in the audition call. If you film, please submit as one file, either filmed continuously or filmed separately and edited into one contiguous video. If you perform live, be prepared to respond to direction in the moment. Please be prepared to discuss your preparation in the interview segment of the audition.

CALL BACKS: Though the elements of the audition help the Musical Theatre Faculty make informed decisions about each applicant, the faculty may need an applicant to return and participate in an additional virtual “call-back" session. The call-back consists of a music and acting class as taught in a typical virtual day at NOCCA. The applicant does not need to prepare anything else, just to be ready to participate with an open mind. If we do not call an applicant back, it is not an indication of their audition; we have all the information we need. If the applicant is requested to attend a call-back session, the applicant’s parents will be notified by email as soon as possible after the last session of auditions.



Photo of Stephani Kammer Stephani Kammer Dance Instructor | Jazz & Hip Hop

Stephani Kammer resides in New Orleans as a professional instructor and choreographer. After earning her Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Oklahoma City University Stephani began her professional career in New York appearing in regional theaters, industrials, and prime time television.…

Photo of Heidi Malnar Heidi Malnar Dance Instructor | Tap

Heidi Malnar is an Emmy Award and two-time Big Easy Award winning dancer and choreographer from Chicago. She is the founder, artistic director and principal choreographer of Gulf Coast Theatre on Tap– New Orleans’ Premier Rhythm Tap Company; whose mission is to celebrate, promote, and preserve America’s indigenous dance form in the birthplace of jazz.…

Photo of Kevin Murphy Kevin Murphy Drama Faculty: Vocal Music | Musical Theatre Faculty: Acting
Photo of Dan Pruksarnukul Dan Pruksarnukul Acting

Daniel Pruksarnukul is a Creative Producer & Director. He worked at Arena Stage in Washington, DC for nine seasons where he served as the Artistic Associate & Casting Director and helped produce over 60 main-stage shows and dozens of new play readings & workshops.…

Photo of Tianna Pourciau Sykes Tianna Pourciau Sykes Dance: Chair

Tianna Pourciau Sykes is a dance educator, choreographer, and performing artist with experience spanning 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Kennesaw State University.…

Photo of Jefferson Turner Jefferson Turner Department Chair Musical Theatre
(504) 940-2864

Since arriving in New Orleans to study music at Loyola University (Bachelor of Arts in Music History, 1999), Jefferson has built a career in performing, music directing, and composing in theatre.…

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