Visual Arts

2014 Visual Arts Exhibit Slideshow

The Visual Arts Department creates a supportive and challenging arts environment that enables students to experience, first-hand, the discipline, knowledge and dedication required in the visual arts field. Artist-teachers and visiting artists serve as mentors to the student artist, introducing students to art history and the principles of artistic form. In two- and three-dimensional studio classes, students are encouraged to concentrate on technical proficiency, creative problem solving and self-discovery. This focused curriculum increases confidence and skill and allows students to explore new possibilities and  become increasingly self-directed. In critiques, students are able to exercise their aptitude at art analysis and more accurately assess their own work and the work of others.

Audition Expectations: Auditioning students are expected to present Drawing Samples (one technical drawing and one personal expression drawing) with their application. Selected students will then be invited to present sample work during the Portfolio Review. Students are expected to present outstanding original work that demonstrates commitment of time and self. This work will be reviewed and evaluated, and the final group of selected students will be required to produce a drawing from observation during the audition and interview with faculty.

Students currently in 8-11th grades are eligible to apply.

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