Students currently in 6-7th grades may apply for Middle School Arts Instruction; 8-11th grades are eligible to apply for the High School Arts Instruction.

It is the mission of the Dance Department at NOCCA to provide a complete and comprehensive dance education experience in a nurturing and disciplined environment to all of our students. We use dance as a foundational vehicle to integrate physical, intellectual, and emotional capacities and as a catalyst for the development of students’ self-discipline, integrity, responsibility, aesthetic awareness, and creative problem solving. Our ultimate goal is to develop and mentor fine young citizens who will complete their artistic and academic requirements for graduation from this institution, leaving prepared for their future endeavors.

The NOCCA Dance Program maintains a supportive, rigorous and challenging dance atmosphere that prepares students for the requirements of today's professional dance world. Students receive technical dance training grounded in Classical Ballet, Modern (Horton Technique), Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, with supplemental instruction in Dance Conditioning, Nutrition for Dancers, Dance Anatomy, Dance History, Dance Improvisation, Composition, Master Classes, and Student Choreography Projects. Additional training is provided through our visiting Artist in Residence program, which gives students the opportunity to work closely with world renowned choreographers and performers. Our curriculum reflects the quality of intense training and artistic development that any young aspiring dancer will need to succeed in the college level, and in the professional dance world. Utilizing the artist-teacher instructional concept students have the advantage of learning, knowing and experiencing dance as an artistic form.

At the audition:
Prepare for audition dressed in dance clothes

    • Females
      Modern, Improvisation – Black leotard, black convertible tights
      Jazz – Black leotard, black convertible tights, jazz shoes, (NO JAZZ SNEAKERS)
      Ballet – black leotard, pink tights with pink ballet shoes or flesh tone tights with flesh tone ballet shoes
    • Males
      All Disciplines – black tights, white T-shirt, ballet and jazz shoes
    • Hair should be pulled back away from the face and secured tightly in a puff or a bun (or as close to a puff or a bun as possible). No jewelry can be worn and nails must be trimmed to the edges of the fingertips. Those not appropriately dressed or arriving late will need to politely ask permission to join the audition.

Prepare your dance space

    • Clear Open Space- Try to be in a space where there is room to move and dance. Be sure to clear any furniture or other items out of your way.
    • Good Lighting- make sure the lighting in your room is bright enough so we can see you.
    • Camera/Computer set-up- Try to set up your device so that your whole body is in full view of the camera. 

The audition

    • Part A – Live Classes
      You will take abbreviated dance classes in ballet and modern technique with an opportunity to showcase your best movement qualities through improvisation. ○ You will learn a jazz dance combination.After you are released from the audition, you will have 2 hours to submit a recording of yourself performing this combination.
    • Part B – Interview
      You will be asked a series of questions that relate to your goals and your vision for your future in dance.
    • Part C – Recorded Submission
      • Clear Open Space- Try to be in a space where there is room to move and dance. Be sure to clear any furniture or other items out of your way.
      • Good Lighting- make sure the lighting in your room is bright enough so we can see you
      • Camera/Computer set-up- Try to set up your device so that your whole body is in full view of the camera.

        Movement/Combination – As a part of the jazz audition you will be taught a movement phrase/combination. `Specific movement and instructions will be provided in the live audition.

Submission – Recording must be submitted within two hours after the live audition. Directions and links will be provided at the live audition.


You will be assessed on your demonstration of the following skills: mental ability; energy level within the classes; flexibility of back, legs, feet and foot articulation; musicality and phrasing; rhythmic accuracy; quick recall of combinations; presence and carriage, and ability to perform given combinations with confidence; and your overall passion for dance.

Do not prepare choreography for this audition. You will take instructions from the NOCCA dance faculty.


Bradely Broomfield Dance Percussionist
Photo of Stephani Kammer Stephani Kammer Dance Instructor | Jazz & Hip Hop

Stephani Kammer resides in New Orleans as a professional instructor and choreographer. After earning her Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Oklahoma City University Stephani began her professional career in New York appearing in regional theaters, industrials, and prime time television.…

Photo of Heidi Malnar Heidi Malnar Dance Instructor | Tap

Heidi Malnar is an Emmy Award and two-time Big Easy Award winning dancer and choreographer from Chicago. She is the founder, artistic director and principal choreographer of Gulf Coast Theatre on Tap– New Orleans’ Premier Rhythm Tap Company; whose mission is to celebrate, promote, and preserve America’s indigenous dance form in the birthplace of jazz.…

Photo of Edward Emmanuel Spots Edward Emmanuel Spots Dance Instructor | Ballet

Edward Emmanuel Spots

Professional Biography

Edward Spots is a native New Orleanian born and raised in the former Magnolia Housing Project.…

Photo of Tianna Pourciau Sykes Tianna Pourciau Sykes Dance: Chair

Tianna Pourciau Sykes is a dance educator, choreographer, and performing artist with experience spanning 20 years. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Kennesaw State University.…

Kelly White Dance Faculty
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