Media Arts

Students currently in 8th-11th grades may apply.

Admission to the Media Arts program is based on the application and audition. Students who complete the application on time will be scheduled for an audition. The audition consists of a portfolio review and interview.

Include with your completed application:

    • a link or sample of a piece of media that inspires you, and
    • a portfolio that includes one or more of the following:  a short film, a photo story, storyboards, a screenplay, electronic or recorded music, a music video, a short animation or a video game. Media arts is rooted in time. Therefore, demonstrating one’s understanding of how story, character, space and/or tone develop over time is an essential element of the portfolio.

At the audition:
Your audition will include a portfolio review and an interview.

All applicants are ranked based on a score from their audition. Class sizes are limited, and admittance to NOCCA goes to the top-ranked students. Placement into levels is determined at the discretion of the Media Arts faculty.


Photo of Joseph Ceponis Joseph Ceponis Recording Instructor
Photo of Sarah Devlin Sarah Devlin Film & Animation Instructor
Photo of Jason Foster Jason Foster Media Arts Faculty

Jason Foster was born in Kingston, Jamaica but has lived most of his life in the American South. Overall, his work, which includes but isn’t limited to feature films, short films (narrative and documentary), and music videos, centers around the uplifting of Black people as well as focusing on people and communities who are typically overlooked, underserved, or fall somewhere within the realm of chicanery. …

Photo of Dan Rule Dan Rule Media Arts Department Chair
Photo of Lisa Shattuck Lisa Shattuck Artist-Teacher Faculty
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