Administration and Staff

Photo of Dr. Kit Nelson

Dr. Kit Nelson

Director of Academic Studio Academic Studio


Dr. Kit Nelson is the Director of Academic Studio, NOCCA’s academic program and is part of the Administrative Leadership Team at NOCCA.  She earned her Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University in 2001 and moved to New Orleans for an assistant professor position at Tulane where she taught and conducted research for 7 years.  She was awarded several teaching and service awards including the prestigious Newcomb Distinguished Faculty Award in 2010 and has various publications.  She joined the NOCCA staff in 2012 and has helped to build and continues to support the Academic Studio program’s growth and development.  She, along with the talented faculty, has worked to maintain the Academic Studio’s “A” rating from the State of Louisiana since its inception.  Dr. Nelson is focused on ensuring that the Academic Studio is a visionary school for creative learners that supports “Artists with something to say”.   

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