Visual Art

Photo of Marcus Brown Marcus Brown

Marcus E. Brown, a native of New Orleans, is a international sculptor, painter, educator, inventor, musician and an avant-garde sound performance artist. Brown developed a form of painting called Electro-sonic Painting in which the artist paints with an amplified brush or tool used to simultaneously create a fine work of art as well as music. In demonstrating this new genre of music and art, Brown has collaborated with many talented and renowned musicians including Nathan Weidenhaft , Snap ( Sylvester Andrews), Eric Gold, Steve Masakowski, Sasha Masakowski , Goug Garrison, Bill Summers, Brian Seeger, Cliff Hines, , Khari Allen Lee, Devin Phillips, Mark De Florio , Chuck Barber, Nathan J.…

Photo of Terry DeRoche Terry DeRoche Visual Arts: Digital Media, 2-D Exploration
(504) 940-2884

Receiving his B.F.A. from Maine College of Art and M.Ed. from the University of New Orleans, Terry DeRoche works digitally, making images that typically blend photography, painting, and text.  Terry is a fellow of the Surdna Art Teachers Fellowship Grant and also a recipient of a Louisiana Division of the Arts individual project grant.  Mr. DeRoche has also presented at national education conferences, co-authored a paper published in the Teaching in Higher Education Forum, and published photographs in the Gambit, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and Greater Portland magazine. …

Photo of Ryan Groendyk Ryan Groendyk Visual Arts: Fabrication, 3D
Photo of Sarah House Sarah House Visual Arts: Ceramics, 3-D Faculty


Sarah House works primarily with ceramic materials to create abstract sculpture and installation art inspired by the fractal mathematics of nature. House earned her BFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art, and her MFA from Tulane University, graduating from both institutions with honors. She has participated in numerous short and long term Artist in Residence programs in South America, Asia, Europe, and across the United States.…

Photo of Mary Jane Parker Mary Jane Parker Visual Arts: Printmaking, 2-D Foundations
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Mary Jane Parker received her B.F.A from Louisiana State University, M.A. and M.F.A. Studio Art with Printmaking emphasis from Illinois State University.  Her work is mixed media combining printmaking and painting techniques with glass and bronze sculpture.  She was awarded a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Fellowship in 2007, a Louisiana Division of the Arts Fellowship in 1990 and 2001, a National Endowment for the Arts/Southern Arts Federation Award for Excellence, an NEA Independent Study Fellowship, a Surdna Foundation Arts Teacher’s Fellowship and mini-grants from the Louisiana Division of the Arts. …

Photo of Keith Perelli Keith Perelli Visual Arts: 2-D Exploration
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Keith Perelli is a visual artist working in painting, printmaking and drawing. He received a Bachelors in Arts in Painting and Printmaking at The University of New Orleans and his Master in Fine Art from The University of Cincinnati in sculpture. His figurative work explores a variety of social political and personal issues. He has participated in numerous, national and international invitation and juried exhibitions.…

Photo of Ann Schwab Ann Schwab Visual Arts: 2-D Exploration

Exploring human relationships with both the natural world and the technological world that we have constructed, Ann Schwab’s work utilizes photography, mixed media, installation, audio and video to illuminate the conflation of these two worlds.

The natural environment often plays the role of a medicament in Schwab’s work. The beauty of nature functions as a root of strength, resurrecting the spirit.…

Photo of Michel Varisco Michel Varisco Visual Arts: Department Chair, Photography
(504) 940-2884

Michel Varisco’s work explores the relationship between the natural world and man-made through photography, video, sculpture, printmaking and installations. She received her MFA from Tulane University and studied in France (Cleveland Art Institute) and Cortona, Italy (University of Georgia) and has taught at NOCCA|Riverfront since 1996. Teaching honors include several National Foundation for the Advancement in Teaching in the Arts awards and numerous Scholastic Art and Writing Awards for Teaching.

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