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Dr. Kit Nelson

Director of Academic Studio Academic Studio


Kit has been a part of the NOCCA team since 2012 and has served as an Integrated Sciences Faculty Member, Chair of Integrated Sciences and as Director of Academic Studio.  During that time she has helped to build and continues to support the Academic Studio program with a focused on ensuring that the Academic Studio is a visionary school for creative learners.  

Having earned her PhD from Southern Methodist University in 2001, Kit spent 7 years excavating ancient sites across the globe while also teaching at Tulane University.  In recognition of her commitment to and skills in fostering an educational environment composed of critical thinking, hands-on experiences and artistic expression she was awarded several teaching and service awards including the prestigious Newcomb Distinguished Faculty Award in 2010 and has over 20 publications.  

With her unwavering dedication to archaeology and education, Kit continues her interest in archaeology as a Research Associate of the University of Texas, San Antonio and as a field archaeologist with the Mopan Valley Archaeological Project and the Mopan Valley Prehistoric Project.  She oversees the Academic Studio Faculty and the Student Support Team (including the Special Education Coordinator, the Protocol Coordinator, the School Clinician and through NOCCA’s partnership with Children’s Bureau of New Orleans, a Mental Health clinician).  Kit is dedicates herself to understanding the unique strengths and ambitions of each student, encouraging them to embrace and grow their individual passions and talents.

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